by Kit Watkins (Audio CD)

Sonic constructions and manipulations, created February 2003, one month before the invasion, destruction, and occupation of Iraq.

Kit Watkins ~ unraveled

1. L’Océan

2. Au Bois Dormant

3. Le Petit Wave


An evocative work of sparse sound design and texture, using “found” material from one of Kit's favorite composers, Maurice Ravel.


Unraveled is all samples or excerpts of Ravel orchestral works that have been manipulated and reconstructed. The title Unraveled is a play on words since it contains Ravel's name, but it also has to do with the idea of the music having been manipulated or unraveled in a sense. The other meaning to the title is that the world has become unraveled. —Douwe Fledderus, progVisions