This Time and Space
by Kit Watkins (Audio CD or Video DVD)

Improvised ambient music for relaxation, performed live in the studio. This CD has a companion DVD ~ also available for free download!




This Time and Space

1. Tranquility

2. Sacred Honour

3. Reflectivity


4. This Bliss


5. This Time and Space

6. Circumference of One


7. Finally Touched



Kit Watkins: synthesizer, electronic wind instrument, looping devices, effects.


The first four tracks are the ambient pieces with the wind instrument. Kit creates first a basic layer with his synthesizers and looping devices. Then he plays his beautiful melodies with an electronic wind instrument on top of that layer. I love those electronic wind instruments because you can hear the emotions of the player in the music. The last three tracks are the spacemusic pieces. On those tracks you can float away into space or visit the dream-landscapes you always wanted to visit. All the music is delicate and full with beautiful melodies. . . . His music is unique and nowhere will you find electronic music with so much warmth, passion and emotion.Douwe Fledderus, progVisions

This Time and Space is memorable in its ineffable atmosphere, its capacity to cast a spell on the listener while bringing him more intensely into contact with himself. The sounds flow continuously, dissolving any contrasts and unbinding primordial emotions. 7 pieces create a soundworld of perennial beauty and profound tenderness that captures our yearning for deep peace and contentment. You offer here lovely music for meditation and a landmark recording in the [field of] Ambient Healing Music. —Marius-Christian Burcea, Producer/Host, Activ FM, Bucharest, Romania

Possessing the probing nature of Spacemusic, the drifting quality of Ambient and the embracing comfort of New Age, This Time and Space is the culmination of an enlightened musical intelligence; one that gives shape to ethereal musical lines, structure to amorphous harmonic forms and, to the listener, a sense of the unique interconnectivity between sound, spirit and the vastness of the universe. Chuck van Zyl, STAR’S END Ambient Radio