Rolling Curve
by Kit Watkins (Audio CD)

A collection of dark ambient works, suitable for deep drift meditation, with guest artists Steve Roach and Brad Allen. “The soundscapes are vast and expansive.” —Ambient Visions

1. Rolling Curve

2. Dark Matter

3. Roaming Cloud

4. EndPeace


Kit Watkins

On “Rolling Curve,” keyboard and sample motifs recorded to CD, then played on 7 CD players set on random; voice; editing/mixing. Waterphone on “Dark Matter.” Large metal bowl containing water on “Roaming Cloud.” Keyboard on “EndPeace.”

Steve Roach

Didgeridoo on “Rolling Curve” (title track).

Brad Allen

Synthesizer on “Dark Matter.”


The music seeps into your room, through the keyhole and around the door jam, like smoke from a smoldering concept or mist from a descending idea.Chuck van Zyl, Star’s End Ambient Radio

The soundscapes are vast and expansive.  The sound design is murky (in the good sense) and ethereal.  Kit’s soundworlds conjure images of clouds and threats of doom and disaster.  They are only threats.  While the dark overtones are predominant, the melody creates an undercurrent of light and hope.Jim Brenholts, Ambient Visions

I’ve seen ghosts gently shaking their etheral skirts, to the sound of bells and wine glasses with fingers, coyly surfacing over the top, circular--making a momentous feedback. Time can pass slow in this world, and listening to Rolling Curve it moves slower--and that’s not a bad thing: it gives you time to identify and investigate things in a different order, with a different eye . . . —d. Taylor Singletary, Gods of Music