music for the end
by Kit Watkins (Audio CD)

Live radio broadcast on Star’s End ambient radio in Philadelphia, March 11, 2001. Deep-drift space music, improvised in the moment.

1. music for the end



Kit Watkins: synthesizer, electronic wind instrument [EWI], prerecorded environments.


As if playing at The Gathering event wasn’t enough, Kit Watkins stepped out from under the heat and scrutiny of the stage lights, into the cool of the night as he continued his journey into sound with a post-Gathering, late-night, in-studio radio concert live on STAR’S END, the weekly program of Spacemusic out of Philadelphia. For this occasion, Watkins had conceived of performing a long-form, completely ambient piece entitled, “Music For The End (of Star’s)” [inspired directly by the concept behind the radio program]. So, with a scaled-down setup of gear, the lights were dimmed and Watkins was ready to go on. The hour-long musical passage began at 2:00am. With little more than a few sounds and themes worked out in advance, Watkins focused on his mood and experiences. He established, then moved very slowly through a soundscape of tranquility and comfort. Synth pads undulated beneath the gentle melodies that arrived like a calm breeze from Kit’s EWI [electronic wind instrument]. A sense of place was conjured up through the addition of wilderness recordings. The result was an encompassing, positive experience where we can be in contact with the ethereal side of Kit Watkins. His album, music for the end is the recording made during this unique and wonderful session. Chuck van Zyl, Star’s End Ambient Radio

Following The Gathering performance he put some of his gear in the radio station and played for the Star’s End program of Chuck van Zyl another set between 2:00 and 3:00 AM live in the studio. These recordings are released under the name music for the end and include two long ambient improvisations in which he uses environmental field recordings, synth pads and an electronic wind controller. When you listen to this you are floating through your room and through space. Listen to it after midnight before you go to sleep. You will be happy and relaxed the next morning.Douwe Fledderus, progVisions