wet dark and low
by Kit Watkins (Audio CD)

Rhythmic excursions / modal journeys. “Economically orchestrated, artfully conceived . . .” KEYBOARD

Kit Watkins ~ wet dark and low

1. Brave Water


2. Funky Duty


3. Liquidity


4. Slinky


5. Ah-Uh


6. Snakes and Apples


7. Setting Iron John Free


8. Cell Division


9. Still Hope



Kit Watkins

sampler, percussion, keyboards, sampled guitar, voice

Carl Weingarten

guitar on “Brave Water” and “Snakes and Apples”

Dave Hoffman

flugelhorn on “Snakes and Apples”

Paul Adams

nylon string guitar on “Snakes and Apples”


Here’s proof that it is still possible to do sample arrangements and rhythmic programming in an accessible framework without succumbing to the conventions of dance music or hip-hop. Economically orchestrated, artfully conceived . . . more than a mere masculinist soundtrack; it is, in the true sense of both words, pop art. -- KEYBOARD

Like Brian Eno, Kit Watkins possesses two main musical alter-egos. One side composes ambient music; the other captures the very chaos of modern living, interpreted through modern musical idioms. Wet, Dark and Low, his latest, is of the latter style, with similarities to Eno’s recent Nerve Net. Ritualistic in its driving currents of percussive sounds, Watkins exposes inner demons and “Wild Man” tendencies, right down to the Robert Bly quote on the back and “Setting Iron John Free.” Two tracks feature guitarist Carl Weingarten with his Fripp-like slide guitar and effects. The 12-minute “Cell Division” joins strange effects and voices with alien space creatures dancing in the streets, while the closing “Still Hope” is a thought-provoking ballad of survival and emergence. -- All Music Guide