Kinetic Vapors
by Kit Watkins (Audio CD)

Energetic, still, flowing, coiling, high-spirited, curious, accessible, obscure, intuitive, logical, and great listening.

1. Seduction Coil


2. Cyborg Whistler


3. The Impulse of Flow


4. Gay Spirit


5. Suspended


6. Beyond Clouds


7. Nodes


8. Escape from Earth



Kit Watkins: sampler, flute, piano, percussion, keyboards, voice.

“Kinetic Vapors” holds 54 minutes of music in eight pieces composed and recorded from January through July 1993 at Kit’s studio. The album successfully juxtaposes the organic with the electronic through the tasteful use of live instruments, synthesizers, and samplers.


The songs are subtle and hypnotic. With each listening, they became like old friends. A joy while we are together, a small, sad loss when it is over, a quiet anticipation until we meet again. —MUSIC UNCOVERED