Holographic Tapestries
by Kit Watkins (Audio CD)

An eclectic mix — from introspective to overtly rhythmic. “Another great and different album.”Exposé

Kit Watkins ~ Holographic Tapestries

1. Timetable

2. Locale Prime

3. Untitled

4. Elephants & Ants

5. Lost Cave

6. Hills

7. Pads

8. The Traveler

9. More Amour

10. Shock Values

11. Anyday

12. Fortitude

13. Three Colors

14. Snake Oil

15. Millennium

16. The Warming

17. New World


Kit Watkins: samples, flute, piano, guitars, synthesizers, percussion, voice.


Originally issued in 1995, Holographic Tapestries is one of Kit Watkins’ more varied albums, essentially alternating between introspective, moody pieces and more upbeat, rhythmically driving selections. It’s also stylistically diverse, covering Watkins’ interests in ambient synth-scapes, progressive rock, new age-tinged pop, and classical music . . . a good encapsulation of Watkins’ talents.Steve Huey, All Music Guide

Watkins has long proven his genius and musical diversity over a long string of albums. His influences range far and wide, from classical to ambient and progressive rock to pop. However he fuses these, it’s always done originally and dynamically, full of vitality and effervescence. Another great and different album. Exposé


Snake Oil

Ollie and Marion
Winners and losers
Selling their wares
Of lies and deceit
Snake oil

Used car salesmen
Bought by corporate police
Lock, stock, and barrel
Tweaked by special interests
Boneless chickens

Pornographic lawmakers
Trust at your own risk
Tongues wag
Tails you lose
Politics as usual

Got what we paid for
Father figure on stage
In a theatre of the absurd
Styrofoam popcorn
Eaten alive

Elephants & Ants

Big bang quarks fly
Through objects large and small
Nonchalent in their quest
To get somewhere

Elephants and ants coexist
They rarely cross-pollinate
A fault of physics
Or their physiques

Smaller than an atom
Bigger than the sun
It matters not
What matter does

Godzilla meets Bambi
Yet atoms do not smash
They simply rearrange
Without concern


Cat steps
Two, three, forward
Pause at times
Kitty paws
Claw at breathing toy
Six, seven, ate alive

Stop action
No remorse

Pads stride
Driven by instinct

Next destination

The Traveler

Off to Peru
Folding light years
In his pocket
Arriving unscathed


The Traveler
Passed us by
Without a trace
Here, gone, forever


Behind the fourth dimension
A door to another life
Unlocked by this
Timeless wanderer


His quest, his secret
The universe, his domain
Between molecules
He flies unobserved


The Warming

Temps are up
A degree or two
A world of difference
A different world


Dark shadows
Echo silence
Beneath the yearning
Of our home


Fear not
This fragile planet
Can withstand
More than we know


New World

Order from chaos
A new utopia ushered in


Gaia reborn
A perfect surface


Lucid air
Placid water