by Kit Watkins (Audio CD)

Kit’s first solo album on the heels of his work with Happy The Man and Camel. . . . creatively daring, high-energy and accessible.” —THE WASHINGTON POST

Kit Watkins ~ Labyrinth

1. Glass of Time


2. Mt. St. Helens


3. Coin-Op Era


4. Labyrinth


5. Spring 1980


6. While Crome Yellow Shine


7. Two Worlds


8. 4 Bars - 1 Unit


9. Spooks


10. Cycles I


11. Cycles II


12. Cycles III



Kit Watkins: keyboards, flute, percussion, production.

Coco Roussel: drums, percussion.


Voted 5th Place in the 1982 Keyboard Reader’s Poll Awards for keyboard album.

The production is excellent and the keyboard work solid . . . a thoroughly satisfying creation. —KEYBOARD

Unpredictable shifts in tempo, lush orchestral textures, and complicated melodic structures . . . technically proficient, creatively daring, high-energy and accessible. —THE WASHINGTON POST