by Kit Watkins (Audio CD)

Progressive traditions meet impressionistic aesthetics on this highly acclaimed album, including beautiful renditions of Jan Hammer’s I Remember Me and Philip Catherine’s Nairam.

Kit Watkins ~ Azure

1. Road to Orion


2. Cirrus


3. I Remember Me (by Jan Hammer)


4. Ursa Major


5. Innocent Adventure


6. Nairam (by Philip Catherine)


7. Sahara Sonata


8. A Fragile Landscape


9. Azure



Kit Watkins: keyboards, flute, drum machine programming, field recordings, engineering, production.


An album that can be put on auto-repeat without getting tired of it. #1 album of the year.

Watkins has written and performed some sensational music... full of invention and creativity, the resulting sounds are quite beautiful and captivating. A fine contribution to music lovers from a stalwart of the new music scene. —AUDION